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http://www.yourlisten.com/healtheplanet.htp/htp-statement-on-israel-aggression-in-gaza Date: 19th/July/2014 HTP STATEMENT ON ISRAEL AGGRESSION IN GAZA Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP has no proper and enough words to define the aggression and crimes against humanity that Israel Army has and is continuing to commit against the people of Palestine in Gaza! The offensive, artillery and aerial bombardment as well as launching of missiles and drones by Israel on Gaza has coasted more than 2000 lives and led to more than 40,000 displacement of refugees. Were concerned that Benjamin Netanyahu amidst global worry has continued to subject civilian causalities, death and impunity against Palestines; The Prime Minister in disrespect of The Geneva Convention has continued to hit hospitals and public places and equally wiped families in these brutal attacks, the world must join hands to condemn and stop this nonsense. We understand that The Hamas too have defied Israel by launching rockets into Israel territories but we cannot forget that the impact has been minimal and has less tragedy caused yet what confuses us is that whereas Israel knows that its offensive in retaliation has caused devastative damage of this nature such as claiming unexplainable number of lives and destruction of properties it appears like it enjoys shedding blood-this must be brought to book. The international community and organization must be blamed for failing to avert the situation and making Israel appear like it has a special status on earth to the extent of allowing it to do anything she wish; such privileges like given to some countries must not be forgotten as History tells to have been responsible for global calamity-World War must not be reputed. HTP warns Israel and Hamas against escalating conflict that has brought misery to the innocent people. There must be an immediate unconditional cease fire on both sides enforced to allow aid to the suffering people. U.N must meet again to find a lasting solution to Israel-Palestine conflict like it did in 1948. Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin President/ Founder
HTP Statement on Israel Aggression in Gaza
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