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Kivumbi to Meet South Sudan President -Salva Kiir Sign In or Register to add photos

Kivumbi to Meet South Sudan President Today 24th April 2014, I have met with officials of South Sudan Government including a cabinet Minister. Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP an organisation I preside over has commissioned me for a special assignment with the Juba regime. Details of my planned meeting with the president of the youngest nation His Excellency Salvar Kiir can not be released now but below is HTP publication about the on going insurgency in South Sudan.http://presidentkivumbi.wordpress.com/2014/04/23/h-t-p-calls-for-i-c-c-arrest-and-trial-of-south-sudan-rebel-leader-riek-marcel/
Kivumbi Meets President Museveni
HTP Calls for ICC Arrest of Sudan Rebel Leader Riek Marcel
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