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“The Problem with Europeans is That They Have No Politeness.” Kivumbi Brings You M7 Outrageous Statements during Kololo Celebrations for Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law HTP International news The President of the most powerful nation in Africa Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has made profound statements while addressing the nation at Kololo Airstrip in a thanks giving ceremony organized by religious leaders to express solidarity and dedicate Uganda in the hands of God after H.E signing of the Anti-Gay Bill into law. Hundreds of thousands including University students, traders, school children, local and international journalists, Members of Parliament, senior citizens and dignitaries from various nations gathered at the Independence ground yesterday 31st March 2014 to participate in this historical event which started with matching on Kampala streets. Heal The Planet Global Organisation-HTP & Have It Cheap Group International-HICGI Boss Kivumbi Earnest Benjamin was on official VIP Invitation & parking by the state and the following are the key note statements Kivumbi is bringing you as he listened to the President from the very tent H.E and the 1st Lady alongside senior citizens and cabinet ministers were seated. “For those of you who do not know Africa, this continent is the mother of civilization and humanity. Its only internal weakness that Africa declined but somehow in spite of all the challenges we went through including slave trade and colonialism, the population survived.” H.E speaks amidst cheers from multitudes. “The Problem with Europeans and Americans is that they have no politeness, who are you to give orders to me? I will not be ordered by anyone outside. How can you give orders in some else’s house as if you don’t have your own house? In Africa even if you see something in some else’s house you keep quite because you also have affairs in your own house.” He added that “Our leader Mwalimu Julius Nyerere said that Independence is giving some one freedom to do his own mistakes.” “The reason I delayed signing the Anti-Gay Bill was not because of external pressure but I was studying the situation. After engaging Scientists including from America who I tusked to find out whether homosexuality is an abnormality like albinism I was satisfied that it’s not abnormality rather a life style.” H.E added “I didn’t know where homosexuals go until I came to learn recently that they go in the anus.” loud laughter from people. He continued “God distinguished sexual organs from other parts and I wonder how someone leaves the right and does the opposite besides the high health risks involved.” “Because you people have provoked me, I will now tell you directly; this thing of oral sex; how can use the mouth which is for eating to be for sex? That is the reason why you people get gonorrhea in the throat and mouth, this is disgusting!” Museveni said that the Banyaonkole referred to homosexuals as living dead and he disputed homosexuality is not sex according to African perspective. He expressed bitterness towards America and said that “After Rugunda telling me that donation from America is for HIV treatment that is when I took a step; Currently we have about 1.5 million people living with HIV and these have depended on drugs from the support of America and now with them cutting that aid I was careful on how our citizens with HIV AIDs would live. Risking their lives or even divert the money we have budgeted for roads and energy to them but religious leaders have told me that we can put a fund for AIDS on the contribution of the people here so that they continue getting ARVs and am going to meet with bishops and sheiks on that.” H.E noted that Uganda is among the richest nations on earth and that if we utilize all factors of production including land, labor and others we can then do better. He disclosed a new industrial city on plan to be built in Mbale that had been ealier fought and opposed. He said that there’s no reason to make expensive weddings as extravagance is one of the diseases killings Africans. “Will you chase a couple who will come not come in car to wed?” asked religious leaders. “ we have RDCs here, you can just move to their office and they wed you without any money and that’s done, in fact I wedded Janet in London using only 200 Pounds in a dinner that my friend organized. ” disclosed Museveni. The event was climaxed with prayers and songs praising God. http://www.haveitcheap.com/apps/blog/entries/show/42039689-euoropeans-have-no-politiness-museveni
Europeans Have No Politiness-Museveni
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